Botanical BloxHub

We have collected 120 exotic plants from all over the world in a genuine office landscape in inner Copenhagen. The plants are carefully hand-picked in the Netherlands and carefully brought home in the office where they are washed, watered and illuminated carefully by professional caretakers.

The Australian fan palm, Licuala Ramsayi, likes to be surrounded by rainforest. A shady space and plenty of moisture is all that the palm wants. A little cold does nothing – as long as the cold does not become frost. An office space is also not a bad place for an Australian fan palm. As in OMA’s architect-designed museum and office building Blox, where this Licuala Ramsayi is now in the shade. It is almost three meters high, but in Queensland the fan palm can be over 25 meters. The palmpot is specially designed by ceramicist Christian Bruun, equipped with wheels so that it can easily be moved  toward optimal light and new ceiling heights, if necessary. The fan palm comes from Europe’s largest botanic nursery in the Netherlands. It was carefully transported to the center of Copenhagen along with 120 other plants, 16 different species, after we had carefully hand-picked this plant family precisely, which now together constitute one of our first projects in interior landscape architecture.


Office landscape

Frederiksholms kanal 30
Copenhagen C



Gross Floor Area
1.200 m2