BNP Paribas

Our work on the development of BNP Paribas’ facilities begins with a partnership alongside the contractor’s architect, Danielsen Architecture. Throughout the process, Danielsen Spaceplanning’s main task has been project and process management as well as tenant consulting and reporting in relation to corporate standards according to the global unit. Establishing the Scandinavian office started with a needs analysis, carried out in collaboration with the company’s Human Resources and Facility Management departments.

BNP Paribas chose rooms for their new headquarters in the recently constructed Turbinehuset on Adelgade. Turbinehuset is a building, home to multiple users, and it is constructed in sturdy materials according to a simplistic, contemporary style. The office space for BNP Paribas is loyal to the architecture and pure aesthetics. The project for BNP Paribas is not just a design project, but also an adaptation of the leased area and optimization of the space. Outfitting, advising, and lighting as well as the development of exclusive, specially designed furniture (including multi-furniture, reception counter, kitchen bench, and filing units) are created in the style of the bank’s own identity and the building’s architectural expression.

The furniture also reflects a stylish, Scandinavian quality. Natural materials such as light wood, leather, and steel are used to create a classic, timeless expression. White is the principle color and provides a fresh contrast to the raw, rustic feel of the building. The company’s logos appear in the glass film applied to the large glass sections facing the meeting rooms, and the green color from the BNP Paribas’ logo stands out as a vibrant addition to the otherwise nature-inspired materials.


Adelgade 12
Copenhagen K

International & local


Gross Floor Area
554 m²