CPH Hotel

The space between Borgergade and Adelgade is thought as a green, spacious bubble in the dense downtown Copenhagen area. The idea of the hotel is to involve Borgergade which is otherwise a relatively closed-off street with large, heavy facades. A green zone is created which invites people to gather for public use while also constituting a sustainable space in the dense, urban area.

The construction consists of a white mass counting two buildings which project and “float” above ground, housing the hotel’s suites. The reception is the core of the building with distribution and a service center. The buildings vary in height in reference to the various types of roofing on surrounding buildings and, as such, they mimic the history of old Copenhagen. Two atria will allow daylight to pour into the buildings from the climate-friendly green rooftops.


Copenhagen K


2007 - 2009

Gross Floor Area
28.500 m²