When the Eniro office building in Søborg was to be modernized, Danielsen Architecture developed a design plan which embraced the fact that for many years the building had been a factory. The ceilings are high overhead and vast space lies between the bearing pillars, but the remodeling of the space has not meant that the industrial heritage has been ignored. Instead, this heritage inspires the development of a modern office space.

In the big factory hall at the center of the building, there is a large, ellipse-shaped, hollow space on the first floor, which allows light and air to flow downward. To make the industrial space light and modern, the bright atrium has a light wooden floor. The ellipse forms an organic frame around the green garden. Employees can retreat to the small intimate areas sheltered by greenery for breaks or short, informal meetings.


Sydmarken 44

Skanska Øresund A/S and Eniro A/S


Gross Floor Area
6.412 m²