Lernacken Spa Hotel

The hotel by Øresundsbroen in Malmö is a building which meshes into a very particular landscape. Several outlook post towards the water are designed into the plans, in order to gain the most from the surrounding nature. The ocean was also thought into the design of the windows which are pointed as bay windows in slanted angles as to provide for the best view of Öresund and Copenhagen’s skyline. The landscape is likewise integrated into the building’s design via the green roofing. In this way, the architecture itself creates and highlights the themes of the landscape. The construction consists of snake-like shapes with seemingly overlapping bows. One of these ties is the area’s drop-off zone which is dredged into the landscape to guide cars below the building. A large amphitheater staircase makes for an optimal setting for outdoor events, such as concerts or plays, while the garden areas ensure natural lighting in the construction.


Malmö, Sweden

Home Properties AB


Gross Floor Area
20.000 m²