Danielsen moves to Wildersgade 7

Today will go down in history for Danielsen. We just moved into our new building at Wildersgade 7 in Copenhagen’s Christianshavn neighborhood! Moving boxes have been unpacked, computers set up, and as the hammering and drilling came to an end, we celebrated with songs and snacks.

What makes this day extra special is that we did not just move into any old building. This is our very own building, designed by Danielsen Architecture back in 2000. The office is known as the “sutler’s building” (marketenderibygning in Danish), as it rests on the grounds of the old sutler’s hall. With this unique background story, and with an entrance straight in front of the church Christianskirken, the new building is written into a particular part of Copenhagen’s architectural history. Light and air from Christianshavn pours into the building’s pleasant atrium which was created by Danielsen Urban Landscape with elements including herringbone flooring and hartshorn trees.

We are happy to be (almost) completely settled in, and we look forward to welcoming our future guests to our new home in Christianshavn.

Read more about Wildersgade 7 here: https://danielsen.eu/en/project/aon/