Our work in the development of’s facilities is a collaboration with the builder’s architect. Throughout the process, Danielsen Spaceplanning’s main task has been project and process management as well as tenant consulting and reporting in relation to the corporate standards according to the global unit.

Concept development and the design for’s new headquarters in Copenhagen are based on their high standards in office facilities as well as their urban brand identity. wanted a relaxed and playful interior design, inspired by the idea of an office as a city within the city. Resting at the very top of Industriens Hus at Copenhagen’s Rådhuspladsen, the urban element is easily integrated into the design; the view itself is the pulse of the city as visible from the office. The design is further adapted to the qualities of the leased space. The expressive glass façade with tall, white, acoustic regulated wooden panels and a dark, noise-reducing wooden floor all make up a vibrant and urban expression. Industriens Hus provides an optimal setting for ideal natural lighting as well as interior outfitting, including floors, ventilation, and solar protection features.

Based on the results compiled during workshops and interviews, four “Danish” focus areas are identified, which are to be integrated into the design. These themes each hold a function in their implementation and they each belong to their own room. In the café area, LEGOs are used as decorations, while Hans Christian Andersen inspires the break-out room, and the glass walls of the meeting rooms have applications illustrated with the bridges of Copenhagen. The applications are made from film, placed on the glass to either block the view or add decoration. The logistic walkways in the office are decorated with floor engravings resembling a bicycle path. As an international and modern company, it is natural for the office facilities to be designed with specially manufactured furniture and high-performance, technological solutions.


Kompagnistræde 34
Copengahen K

International & local


Gross Floor Area
1.000 m²