FIH Partners Part 1

The modern, Scandinavian company, where quality and professionalism are at the forefront, inspires the design concept for FIH Partners and the interior design. This solid business identity is closely related to the design for the office space in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn. Designed in an old silo with a unique view of Øresund, the premise is perfect. The leased space builds around the raw concrete core in the middle of the silo and the exclusive reception area makes up the center, from which the office and meeting rooms can be entered. These rooms hold the breath-taking view.

The design is based on the strong ties to the industrial port identity with notes of air, sea, wood, and concrete. The play between rustic aspects and exclusive elements is the principle of the design concept. The raw look from the silo’s concrete construction is complemented by the material selection in the wooden floors and warm oak panels. This goes with the furniture in classic, Scandinavian design, which creates an inspiring room with a unique aesthetic.


Kompagnistræde 34
Copenhagen K



Gross Floor Area
1.000 m²