Kalvebod Huse – 1.3: The green passage

The motif from the facades is repeated in the central part of the courtyard, where rectangular raised beds are built by bricks. In the plantingbeds a lush universe is created with multi-stemmed trees and shrubs supplemented with a ground cover. Together, it provides an intimate and green boundary between the private gardens of the terraced houses and the central common area through the courtyard.

The structure of the building allows for a connection across the courtyard through a passage. The green passage links two common spaces together and provides easy access for residents to enter the courtyard. The passage appears lush and green with large trees placed in plantningbeds, from where the vegetation is scaled down towards the terraced houses to ensure light to pass through to gardens and homes.

At the ends of each courtyard, door openings are established to ensure access. In addition, these access areas are laid out as common living and activity areas with raised plateaus allowing increased sun exposure. The entrances to the apartments are marked with a tile area that makes the transition between the dwellings and the inner courtyard visible. The outdoor areas encourage both activity and recreational stay in the green setting.


Robert Jacobsens vej
Copenhagen S

PFA Bolig og Agenda Property


Gross Floor Area
7.600 m²