In a few years, contemporary and attractive homes will dominate Enghave Brygge which has been an industrial hub in Copenhagen’s harbor for many years. Myrholm is being developed as a new canal-neighborhood which is meant to perfect the expansion of Copenhagen’s breath-taking harbor.

Danielsen Architecture’s contribution to the construction at Myrholm is a classic Copenhagen block at heart with inspiration from new, Nordic design. Based on the idea of new Nordic functionalism, the buildings are designed from the inside out, which means that function and usability of the apartments are in the spotlight. The city of Copenhagen allows for the development of residential buildings with great depth and this made it crucial to secure the maximal amount of natural light. This is accommodated by a unique window structure with large windows from floor to ceiling (some places 2.7 meters), allowing for completely naturally lit rooms in the deep apartments.

Myrholm and the waterfront are intertwined and all of the apartments are developed with openings towards the water. The modern residential block is shaped as an embracing horseshoe with two individual gabled houses in the middle. The facades are constructed in simplistic, bright, sustainable materials (tombac and light brick), which relate to the classic modern façade. The cohesive exterior architecture and the common materiality are broken down with slight variation in the heights of the buildings and different types of balconies. As such, the block comes across lively and surprising.

Danielsen Urban Landscape will develop the green areas and the pathways, which surround the buildings, where residents and guests can enjoy the canals and the harbor activities. The courtyards between the buildings will be host small trees and bushes as to maintain the view.


Building plot E - Enghave Brygge
Copenhagen SV


2015 -2019

Gross Floor Area
21.000 m²

Site plan