Nordens Søpark: A functional & nordic park

In Trekroner we maintain a functional contact with nature, with a blue-green lake park of Nordic plant species, that wedges between a range of new homes.

Trekroner is originally nature with fjord, forest, lakes and river valleys. Here Roskilde Municipality is building a city community of just over 2.5 million m² with approximately 2.400 homes and 5.000 inhabitants.

Functional nature wedges

Nature creeps in between the fan of houses, and the long wedges run from the new homes and into the neighboring forest. Along the wedges – on the way to the forest, but close to the homes – we have designed living areas and meeting places with both quiet corners and places for play.

The natural wedges open the district and create views through the buildings. The strokes provide – with their biodiversity and linkage between the open landscape and the houses in the area – nature site for bees, blackbirds and backyard cats.

Nordic plants

Along with small ditches and streams, one leads to local rainwater at a safe distance from the settlement, but also forms a water theme around the houses, that bind the new lake park together with Trekroner lake.

The park’s green elements consist of Nordic species such as rowan, hawthorn and paradise apple trees that give flowers, fruits and harvest colors.

Apple shrubs form shelter, and cut beech hedges form dense screens, that are green in summer and copper red in winter. Live fences of various small trees and shrubs, create smaller spaces in the open land, sheltered from sparrows, tits and hedgehogs.

Ornamental grasses such as Spear grass and Purple moor-grass and ground covering plants – Vinca and English ivy – cover the ground with beautiful winter stands and a dense evergreen fleet in the beds, where mixtures of spring-flowering bulbs such as daffodils and tulip decorates in spring months.





Gross Floor Area
12.700 m²