The bastion

The building plot 3.2 in Ørestad Syd is centrally situated in the planned urban structure, surrounded by residential blocks and wide boulevards. This location gives rise to an urban experience strengthened by the dense city and optimized by the smooth infrastructure. Our project in Ørestad Syd thus provides the opportunity to live in a dynamic metropolis in development while also living near nature. The connection between dense city life and the recreational open landscape of Amager Fælled makes up the focus of the project.

The heights of the buildings vary from three to eight stories in a relatively dense residential area. To balance out this heavy mass, the overall concept for this block is to create vertical gardens. These are designed as interjected decks which are visible as openings between the homes. Each plateau is home to plants and small trees with a green expression reminiscent of Amager Fælled. Meanwhile, the garden areas tie the various residential units together.

In order to scale down the building, the façade shifts in sections and gives the impression of several individual properties instead of just one building. The building’s warm, earth-colored brick supports this imitation of classic Copenhagen constructions. The urban environment in the neighborhoods surrounding downtown Copenhagen inspired this choice of material, which thus contributes to the urban relation to the city which will be home to Ørestad Syd.


Else Alfelts Vej 63-67 & Richard Mortensens Vej 60-70
Ørestad Syd, Copenhagen S

Balder Danmark ApS

2015 -

Gross Floor Area
23.000 m²

Concept diagrams