New nordic functionalism

Danielsen Architecture was founded in 1987 and has since distinguished itself as a leading consultant firm with vast skill and experience in functionalist architecture and design.

In all of our projects, we emphasize uniting architectural quality and solid artisanship with functionality and consideration for the users of the finished product. Meanwhile, we strive to create cohesion and dynamics between the framework and the processes, so the buildings will correspond to future requirements in flexibility, sustainability, and possibilities for development.

Our work is inspired by New Nordic Functionalism and the idea that architecture is created from the inside out. Architecture as an art form must serve a purpose, because without usability, we believe architecture would simply amount to sculpture. With this motto in mind, the focus of our work is on the needs of the user. Our method is devoted to meeting unique needs in an innovative and creative way to create value and application for our customers and users. Comprehensive analytical work for each project, along with respectful partnerships and collaborations with contractors, users, and technicians, make up a particular characteristic of the design studio’s approach to creating valuable architecture.

Danielsen was named architect of the year 2007 by the magazine “Erhvervs Ejendom” and we received the Architecture Award 2009 from the City of Copenhagen for the “Metropolis” construction, ‘as recognition of a beautifully completed building in the city of Copenhagen’.