Byens Hus community center

Building field 2.0 in Ørestad South has a fantastic location in the transition between Fælleden and the dense city, and with the active urban space along Asger Jorns Allé as the nearest neighbor. This allows people to live, work, be a child and spend leisure time in a dynamic capital in rapid development, while being close to nature. The building heights vary from 1 to 9 floors. The day care institution in 2 floors, Byens Hus in 4 floors and the homes vary in height from 6-9 floors. Each facade line towards the corners of the world thus has a minimum of one storey jump in building heights to give the facades variation.

We imagine that the buildings will be built in light, yellow / gray brick shades, in combination with wood; materials inspired by the classic urban environment in Copenhagen’s bridge districts, which thus contribute to an urban relationship, and to the city Ørestad Syd is part of. We want to create a building that exudes the same weight and robustness as Copenhagen’s finer, older houses. The architectural expression must thus signal Byens Hus as a modern, future meeting point, with a classic material composition that has the robustness and elegance that is in demand. Both the displacements in the facade and the change between the heavy brick and the glass sections must draw all the visitors from the square, into the City House, – they must give the facades living niches, stairs for distribution and blur the boundary between the rooms that are the house, – and the spaces that are the space. The combination of varied height and division of the facade will adapt the large building volume to the human scale at street level, thus giving the impression of a homogeneous and unified building where everyone is welcome inside, next to and upstairs. The large multi-purpose rooms are given green facades, which both enter into a dialogue with the large, green common room, the roof gardens, the courtyard room, the common stairs, – and at the same time the multi-room rooms provide an interior that is not disturbed by glare. The facades of the homes are like the rest of the City’s house, clad with nice yellow / gray facade tiles.

The balconies of the homes to the south, are made with slatted frames in wood, which allows protection from wind and weather as well as limited access to neighbors. The base is marked in 1-3 storey height and with a marking of level -1, the ground floor and 1st floor in a second window rhythm and motif. The base is thought of in detail and differentiated from the other floors with, for example, special open window sections, recesses in connection with entrances and local retreats. This provides a different level of detail that can be experienced by passers-by. As a starting point, the roofs of the square are established as green and lush roofs that help to collect rainwater. The roof surfaces that are highest and therefore not viewed will be provided with technology and possibly solar cells. Roofs by floor jumps, with the possibility of direct exit, are established as private roof terraces.

Housing, community center, daycare center

Asger Jorns plads
Ørestad Syd, Copenhagen S

Kpc, By & Havn


Gross Floor Area
11.500 m2