Green Hills

Green Hills will be a visual reference point for the entire area of ​​Solrød Municipality not only as an architectural presence but also with its focus on quality of life for the inhabitants through shared facilities, design of the housing units, infrastructural solutions, daylight quality, views and most of all community. Green Hills is named after its formal resemblance to two sloping hills, rising from the ground towards the sky. Conceptually, the project is based on an open city block typology and based on the belief that community is important to all human beings, the idea behind this approach is that by integrating as many communities sustaining activities as possible into the architectural concept, a viable community can evolve on its own terms in the future. To further plurality and diversity in the community across age and circumstance.

 The landscape should be resilient and self-sufficient and low in maintenance. It should look as if it was always there, embedded in the local area as it is today. Choices of types of trees, grasses, and so on contribute to the identity of the entire local area of ​​Solrød. In order to accommodate noise reduction and landscape integration, the concept of “forest parking” was used in the aforementioned area to the west, south, and east of the site. The area facing north and placed centrally on the site is shielded from noise given the placement of the buildings. Meandering pathways expand to create spaces within the landscape for play, contemplation, all the activities we associate with landscape use and park activities. The project has been classified to obtain a Gold Standard DGNB certificate. This means that the project has a high score on all criteria of evaluation, although certain criteria have been integrated specifically as part of the architectural design process; social sustainability, climate proofing and flexibility in terms of the housing units.


Solrød strand

Balder Danmark ApS og Bovieran Aps


Gross Floor Area
30.000 m2