The prison Helsingborg Fængsel is a detention facility planned as an extension of the police station. The concept is developed based on a clear agenda of security and logistical functions necessary which the building must contain. The work revolves around a core, which both in terms of construction and functionality is based on a strict rationality. The area around the prison is part of the development process and the use of the landscape ensures accessibility and security.

Of utmost importance is to create a building with a friendly, open expression, to challenge the conventional architecture of a prison building. The city did not want a defensive building as the detention facility has a central location in town. Helsingborg Fængsel thus has a glass façade which creates the shape and gives a more friendly architectural appearance. This gives rise to an exciting architectural expression in context.

The glass façade is decorated with silk screen print. This means that you cannot see inside, but that light can still enter. Transparency is important for the outdoor area which the city’s users experience. The large glass exterior furthermore extends above the surface of the roof and sets a frame around the large, protected prison yard.


Malmö, Sweden

Norrporten Fastighetsbolag & Kriminalvården


Gross Floor Area
12.000 m²