Inspired by classic Danish townhouses, such as Kartoffelrækkerne and Humleby, the close planning and the spaces between the buildings are a central part of Radiorækkerne. The special strength of Radiorækkerne lies in the human scale, the outdoor areas, space and safety for children, along with affordability, and the attractive location.

Radiorækkerne is built in yellow brick with zinc bay windows and wood-framed windows. The selection of solid and long-lasting materials ensures the houses in Radiorækkerne durability. As an extension of this sustainability, the rooftops are designed as green rooves consisting of various stonecrops and other plants, which give an overall varied expression. From the surrounding eight-story apartment complexes, the rooves of Radiorækkerne will evoke images of late summer yellows and green fields. The green rooftops will furthermore help keep the interior temperatures balanced with a cooling effect during summer and insulation during winter. This type of roof has a long lifespan and provides efficient protection from noise pollution while retaining 60-70 percent of rainwater decreasing the burden on the city’s sewers.

All of the homes have two bay windows, on the second and third floor, respectively. They will be staggered from house to house in order to break the fixed façade structure and give each home individuality. Along the whole building, a path is laid to connect the small gathering areas between the houses, which are common areas suitable for children to play in.


Tom Kristensens Vej 14
Copenhagen S

Tetris A/S

2010 - 2014

Gross Floor Area
10.500 m²

Site plan