Turbinehuset is located in Copenhagen’s beating heart and serves as a modern tribute to the city’s past. The innovative office building came into conception with a strong understanding and respect for the history and the architecture of the area. Neighbor to facilities such as the former electric power plant, old town halls, residential buildings from the 1970s, and the characteristic building Dronningegården, Turbinehuset is what brings the area together.

The red, brick façade is faithful to old, Danish mason traditions while the building’s ease still holds many contemporary details. The copper alloy tombac is a vibrant, signature detail of Turbinehuset’s exterior, which tells the story of the architectural heritage while heralding the future with sharp lines and slanted angles. The edges around every window are framed with specially manufactured varying types of tombac. Select windows have slanted angles, while the narrow windows have 90-degree angles, which gives an overall impression of vast experience and a unique identity for the building. This particularity in windows is similar to Dronningegården where some windows and balconies are framed by a different brick than the façade.

The bright rooms in Turbinehuset’s entryway and hallways are likewise an important part of its architectural identity. Daylight pours into the office floors from the street as well as from the atrium, which is the heart of the building and to which all floors have an entrance.

Office, restaurant and retail

Adelgade 12
Copenhagen K

Tetrep Adelgade K/S


Gross Floor Area
7.000 m²