Danielsen Architecture receives award for Turbinehuset

This year saw Danielsen Architecture win another award for one of our buildings in the City of Copenhagen, namely Turbinehusest in Adelgade. We are very proud and honored, and we would like to thank Tetrep Adelgade K/S and Einar Kornerup A/S for a positive and exciting partnership.

The award for “Good and beautiful buildings”, erected or refurbished in the City of Copenhagen in 2015 and 2016, was presented in a diploma ceremony at the Copenhagen Town Hall on April 28, 2017. At this event, the City of Copenhagen honored architects and contractors who have made a particular contribution to the ornamentation of the city with gorgeous and innovative ideas that heighten the urban experience for Copenhageners.

“The City of Copenhagen is pleased to announce that in the presentation of this year’s awards for beautiful buildings, urban environments, and facilities on October 7, 2016, Danielsen Architecture was given a diploma and an award of 10,000 Danish kroner for the installation of Turbinehuset,” said Copenhagen’s mayor for culture, Carl Christian Ebbesen.

With Turbinehuset, Danielsen Architecture and Danielsen Spaceplanning have created a building which both represents function and aesthetic as well as respect for Copenhagen’s architectural heritage and urban life.

While Turbinehuset lifts the neighborhood to another level architecturally while serving as a tribute to the past, the building is also an innovative office building which frames the modern workplace of the future in the middle of the city, where inspiration and the joy of working have ideal conditions. Turbinehuset meets every expectations for flexibility, quality, and aesthetics that people have for their surroundings and work environment.

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