About Danielsen Urban Landscape

Nature, climate, proximity, freedom and carefully tuned plant compositions are always thought into our new landscapes

Danielsen Urban Landscape works with the design of landscapes in the city. Our goal is to give users value and experience in the new landscape – creating urban spaces that are functional and harmonious. Therefore, we always take into account nature, climate, proximity, freedom – and carefully aligned plant compositions


The elements we work with have a strong relation to nature and its ability to create variation and negligence. The strength of a natural landscape is that nature is never constant, but always in eternal development and change. It is the strength – the power to create experiences – as we draw on when we work with new landscapes.


Parameters such as sustainability, climate protection and local rainwater drainage (LAR) are always naturally integrated prerequisites in our projects. It is logical for us to always think sustainable in relation to social relations, financial capacity, facilities and operations, and an environment that corresponds to the function the place has. We believe that LAR principles should work in all work with nature and landscape – to ensure recreational value and experience.


Our projects are always based on the local context in which they are located. It is important for us to create clear relationships with the local environment because we find that it provides a more successful integration of a new project as well as a better proximity and cohesion between building and landscape.


A well-functioning urban space is for us an outdoor space on a human scale, offering experiences and the opportunity to do exactly what you want. A place where behavior is not controlled and controlled.

Carefully tuned plant compositions

Our work processes and completed projects are based on nature’s platform. The ability of nature to establish individual environments of carefully aligned plant compositions, adapted to the amount of light and shadow, as well as adapted wind and weather, we mimic when we have a landscape. Therefore, in the elements we work with, there is also an attitude towards texture and materiality that ensures the great context.