Enghave Brygge masterplan

The masterplan for the development of Enghave Brygge was developed along with By & Havn and the Dutch architecture firm Soeters Van Eldonk Ponec Architecten. The area has a size of about 5.6 hectares with the ability to contain about 2,400 homes as well as businesses and service functions with space for upwards of 1,600 workers.

The masterplan consists of a relatively homogenous block and canal structure where 11 residences are surrounded by canals, creating a characteristic neighborhood with close contact to the water. The plan’s central urban space is the 700-meter canal Enghave Kanal, which is a modern reference to Christianshavn Kanal with its curved progression. The development is tied together by a long line of trees, a promenade, and wooden jetties along the east side of the canal, which form the foundation for city life and a close proximity to the water.

Danielsen Architecture has developed the building plan for the area, which deals with the concept of living by the water and creating an attractive urban space along the harbor. The construction plan consists of three housing islands, an office building, a hotel or something similar, and a corporate building along Tømmergravsgade. Two of the islands face the harbor and consist of an open block structure facing the harbor. The housing islands have shifts along the harbor side, creating small areas with a view all the way down the harbor. Against the south area, there is a yacht port with south-facing common areas and a low-rising pavilion for a café or other extroverted, cultural functions.

Masterplan for new town area

Enghave Brygge
Copenhagen SV

JM Danmark

2006 - 2014

Gross Floor Area
85.500 m²

Site plan