Right in the line between nature and urbanity, Lavetten is developed with the intention of accommodating different needs for both city and nature. The architecture itself also reflects this. The relatively narrow, urban streets provide the option of establishing buildings up to 34 meters tall. To balance out the heavy mass of the building, the block building is shorter in the southwestern corner. The building goes from 10 stories to just four, visually supported by horizontal ties marked with all bricks on the long side. The downscaling ensures a natural entrance of light and provides for a view of Parkrummet and the park Amager Fælled.

Lavetten is characterized by this slanted roof which will be covered in greenery thus aiding the transition from the residential block to the green Amager Fælled.

The urban side is expressed in withdrawals in the façade which make the building appear to be separate blocks. The building thus mimics the old Copenhagen architecture found in Christianshavn or Nyhavn. Several parts of the façade will be pulled back one meter and create small niches which can be used as common areas. The northern, western, and eastern facades have breaks in the block building with gates for accessing the courtyard. This supports the imitation of the classic Copenhagen dynamic development of facades.


Building Plot 17 - Ørestad Syd
Copenhagen S

Balder Danmark ApS

2014 -2020

Gross Floor Area
21.000 m²

Site plan

Concept diagrams