Office CPH

The former home of an electric power plant lies between the streets Adelgade and Borgergade in downtown Copenhagen, standing out from the surrounding residential buildings. The area’s properties may be architecturally different but share the aesthetic of repetition in their exterior expression, as well as their common abundance of detail and materiality.

The proposal for this office building thus stems from an idiom where the focus on façade is pivotal. The ambition is to create a building which adopts the area’s aesthetic through meticulously selected materials and geometric patterns that lend colors from Dronningegården and meld with the architectural grid structure of the area.

The facades are made of glass framed by tombac, carved into relief sculptures in various combinations, which create lively exteriors full of rhythm. The boxes of glass and tombac rest on a sturdy foundation of brick and follow the heights of the different stories. This contributes to expressing scale in an urban setting with clear reference to the shifts in façade across the street.


Adelgade and Borgergade
Copenhagen K



Gross Floor Area
14.500 m²

Site plan

Concept diagrams

Concept diagrams