About Us

Danielsen Spaceplanning designs your space with the aim of increasing your bottom line. We do this by carefully devising the physical framework that supports your work processes and corporate culture. In this way, we bring out the absolute best in all your employees – when they work alone and with others.

The right framework promotes job satisfaction and originates in the wishes you and your employees have. That is why we always start by uncovering your different needs and thinking about how the latest technology can help you the most.

No one knows the future. Possibly your industry is evolving in an unexpected direction and creating completely new needs. We consider them as much as possible in our interior design solutions, so we ensure you get the longest possible return on your investment.

With Danielsen Spaceplanning, you get experienced project management from start to finish, which minimizes your own time consumption. Because it must be easy, innovative and most important of all – give you both mental and financial surplus.