With holistic consulting, analyses, and design solutions, Danielsen Spaceplanning advises companies on how to create physical surroundings that support work methods, identity, values, and corporate culture.
We put the companies’ most valuable asset in the spotlight, namely the employees. We do so with tailored and future-proof working environments as well as strategic guidance.


Danielsen Spaceplanning provides competent consulting through any change or development. We support companies by clarifying premises, we analyze needs and we manage the entire process – from idea to implementation. During the process, we offer the development of work environments, plan layouts, user advising, tenant representation, and project management from the first meeting until moving in.
We conduct project and process management in relation to physical or organizational changes, as to secure a smooth process, in which results are achieved fast and efficiently, and where the user continuously has input on their own degree of involvement.

Danielsen Spaceplanning has joined forces with sister companies Danielsen Architecture and Danielsen Urban Landscape to create the AOE – Academy Of Excellence. All employees receive further training through a broad array of internal and external courses from the AOE.

Workplace development
Workplace design, optimization of physical surroundings in relation to work function and work environment.

Contractor and tenant consulting
Project and process management, requirement specifications and implementation, strategic planning, market surveys and analyses, budget and contract negotiations.

Property analysis
Development and conversion for new uses, innovation of function, increased property value, optimization of the property portfolio and preparing for the future.

Analysis & Clarification of Needs

Every change process is founded on understanding and clarification of expectations. In order to identify and target the company’s specific needs and demands, we have developed a strategic method of analysis to secure a streamlined process.

Understanding the organization forms the foundation for developing physical surroundings. To complete an analysis, data is collected via occupancy estimations, tailored workshops, interviews, and digital surveys. In combination, this empirical data makes up the base of our programming, function and area distribution, workflow optimization, and final design of the physical framing.

Workplace analysis
Data collection, occupancy analyses and estimations, activity registration, observation of the work environment, surveys, interviews, staff involvement.

Needs analysis and process management
Clarification of needs, user involvement, organization consulting, programming, and data collection.

Architectural Due Diligence
Development and optimization of physical surroundings, analysis and registration of property physics, audience segmentation, and authority clarification.

Design & Production

Spaceplanners, concept developers, interior designers, industrial designers, and anthropologists develop and handle the strategy which has been decided on with the company and in accordance with their vision. Based on the plan layout and the mapped patterns of movement, we draft a design theme and mood board for further work on the design project and furniture plan.

Design consulting
Design themes, interior design project, furniture project, incorporation of corporate identity.

Concept development
Facilitation of change processes, innovation and optimization of social and physical surroundings, development of corporate brands, clarification of needs and user involvement.

Design materials, testing/fitting/capacity assessment, measurements, visualizations, descriptions, technical requirement specifications, authority applications.