Fælledkanten: Mellem Kalvebod og Ørestad

On the border between Ørestad South and Kalvebod Fælled – exactly where the high dense city meets the flat open landscape – lies the block where both roof, yard and edge zones draw on values ​​from the local area.

Until 1943, Kalvebod Fælled was under water, but the 20 km2 area was enclosed and nature – not least the bird life – took it quickly. For 40 years, it was military exercise boundary, but now everyone can move freely on the Fælled which today is part of the Amager Nature Park.

Kalvebod Fælled’s biggest attraction is the landscape: the flat beach common that lies flat with the sea’s surface. Sky and sea meet in a straight line on the horizon and there is mostly sky. It is a landscape of infinity until you spot Ørestad’s vertical new building with grazing cows, deer and horses in the foreground and Copenhagen’s towers in the background.

The roof terrace lifts you up above the town and the Fælled, so you get a complete experience of the view of the community. Here are small terraces, footpaths and lush multi-stemmed trees with white-flowering wild apples and red-fruited Swedish whitebeam. Pink capsules on Spindle trees and blue-black berries on Lithy tree, form small color explosions in dense scrubs, which at the same time create shelter.

Ørestadens terrain falls naturally towards the common in the west, and it creates exciting terraces in the courtyard. Terrain stairs and ramp courses connect the terraces together so that you can easily move around.Raised beds with Henry’s honeysukle, leaf colors are glossy, dark green all year round. Lace shrubs complements with light foliage, bright flowers and golden harvest colors. A carpet of the Great Masterwort, Persicaria, Tufted Hair grass and Greater woodrush connects the landscape inside the courtyard with the common landscape just outside the courtyard.

Edge zones are the landscaping designations for the space on the ground between the building and the road, the cycle path or the pavement or canal – between private and public or between the house and the city. The zone can be narrow or wide and planted or covered. It can be quiet or filled with activity. Here terraces rise and give direct access from the studios to Blue Green Moor grass, Hirse and Hemp agrimony. Multi-stemmed trees of Siebold’s crab, Honey Locust, Snowy Mespilus and bushes such as Bush-honeysuckle and Japanes quince meets the common ground in scale and lushness and the places where the edge zone width permits, there are benches on the edge between Ørestad and Kalvebod Fælled.


Else Alfelts Vej 52-58
Ørestad Syd, København S



Gross Floor Area
21.000 m²