Vedbæk Park: Shaped by the protected forest

The new district, Vedbæk Park, is shaped by the protected forest that borders the resedential areas. The project started with a field, and in the design of the parkarea, we have included the plants and seeds and the soil and the water that is naturally on the site – for we believe that it is the closest surroundings, the place’s own character, which should help the landscape architect further when drawing urban spaces from the bottom. In the west, the residents is close to the woods edge and out towards open meadows and good views. The terrain is very hilly with fine viewpoints. The terrain in the East offers completely natural opportunities to divert rainwater locally, down into a small existing lake.

The houses follow the height curves and it provides good outdoor space with many small private niches for shelter and stay. The old fishing village and Vedbæk, the well-functioning suburb of Copenhagen, contribute with town center, harbor areas and beach.


Henrikholmsallé 38A
2950 Vedbæk

Bonava A/S

2016 -

Gross Floor Area
20.000 m²