Buildings in the city should be vertical – not horizontal, as the city will be flat. We are expanding the city to the water, which places high demands on the vertical format. The old warehouses in the neighbor’s plot, for example, consist of a number of buildings standing next to each other with the gable facing the water.

It is therefore crucial that the design of the facade, like these industrial buildings, gives a light and vertical expression, therefore we have designed a U-shaped building with two single tower blocks in the middle.

The four ‘gables’ facing the wide port canal give a vertical expression to the entire block. The brownish bricks form the foundation stone, but with single glare surfaces made of brown aluminum panels, we obtain an overall material, in fact, the two tower blocks in the middle of the U, are made entirely of glass and aluminum.  That way, the two edifices will be more lightweight constructions like a delicate core protected by the heavy-walled brick buildings facing the neighbors.

Those will stand and mirror all the water, sparkle and be different than the brick houses, although there is a connection between them.

The shutters on the two buildings in the middle have a very central aesthetic and practical function, it can be moved back and forth in front of the window sections, depending on whether you want filtered light, shade, privacy, sun, or free views. It is practical functionalism which at the same time gives the buildings the overall moving and bronze color we want.


Byggefelt F
Enghave Brygge, København



Gross Floor Area
22.300 m²