Crossroads in Ørestad Syd: The city’s green veins

In the southern part of Ørestad, a whole new district has been built in recent years. Buildings blocks with apartments and terrace houses frame the city’s space and define a new start for the many residents moving to the area. Common to the new buildings are the varied edge zones that will ensure an attractive transition between the facade and the shared road system.

Between the major north-southbound street, smaller cross-roads connect the city with the recreational area Kalvebod Fælled. The crossroads will handle the traffic for housing, fire and renovation. At the same time, the crossroads must appear as recreational veins throughout the city, where trees and shrubs combined with the possibility of rainwater collection naturally extend the recreational edge zone around the buildings.

We provided total consultancy in relation to the main design of 8 cross-roads, where a puzzle of functional, practical and ideological requirements and wishes should be assembled into some fully-molded urban spaces.

Urban Space

Ørestad Syd, København S

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