E. C. Hansens hus: Two green hearts

E.C. Hansens Hus in Frederiksberg, contains two green hearts. Surrounded by glass walls, a lush groundcover and multi-stemmed trees provide the two atriums, a vibrant and dynamic center of the building.

A look out into a lush courtyard where you can seek inspiration, retreat, enjoy lunch or take an informal meeting, is the vision for the two small courtyards on building area 11.1 in one of Copenhagen’s oldest neighborhood areas. The courtyards draw a small piece of nature into a busy everyday life and ensure a green look through the glass sections. The elements from the interior of the building; staircase and pavement, flowing through the courtyard, which gives a fluidity between inside and outside. At the same time, the courtyard reinforces the building’s identity and the connection to the Carlsberg city’s lush parks and materiality. The green space of the courtyard consists of hilly landscape, lush species, flowers, autumn colors and
life that highlight the four seasons.

Office courtyard

Copenhagen V

Carlsberg Byen


Gross Floor Area
270 m²