The CIEE interior design in Copenhagen is based on the Danish seasons and is based on a Scandinavian color palette of 12 different colors, which are associated with respectively winter, spring, summer and autumn. From room to room, you are literally moving through the changing shades of the season, and the colors are also used to highlight and maintain some of the historical traces of former residents. The emphasis is on establishing an informal and relaxing educational environment, with Danish and Scandinavian designed furniture. In addition to five differently designed classrooms, offices, a teacher’s room and a reception, you will find a large lounge with an organic study furniture and a giant couch in front of a fireplace.

Several of the rooms can change from small to large rooms, so that the teaching and the functions of the rooms can vary and is flexible. The interior design must create the best possible conditions for the students in relation to learning and the activities of the school. At the same time, the interior is pointing to something as Danish as “hygge”. Hopefully the “hygge” will stimulate the students unity and friendships during their stay in Copenhagen.

The interior also provides inspiration and encourages students to go on trips and explore everything Copenhagen has to offer. In addition to large graphic foil in front of the classrooms, representing Copenhagen’s various urban neighborhoods, a library of Danish books and music by young, local artists has been established. Most of all, the interior design and design of the CIEE organization, resonate with the intention of establishing cultural awareness, understanding and connection. Excellence. Integrity. Respect.





Gross Floor Area
700 sqm