BLOXHUB is a co-working community which revolves around cooperation, development, and the export of sustainable Danish design and urban development. The project strives to set the future standards for workspaces and it consists of a collaboration between Danielsen Spaceplanning, Realdania, and the BLOXHUB union. Concept development has thus been a vital service, which both promotes internal knowledge sharing and innovation as well as attracts attention to the new co-working activities.

This project is one of the first examples of a platform which innovatively combines business, education, showrooms, events, and exhibitions in research and development. The sense of community among invited users takes on challenges in the community-style working base, where meetings are the foundation for business development, synergies, and innovative processes. The organizations in BLOXHUB primarily consist of startup companies where the members are present in a dynamic way. The conventional limits for leasing space have been removed which is compatible with modernity and a future characterized by disruption and the sharing economy.

The conceptual and tailored decorations incite employees to contribute to and develop their own space and workstations. With furniture designed specifically for BLOXHUB along with furniture selected with a focus on Nordic design, the interior design helps promote versatile collaborations which are highly sought after in a progressive corporate culture. Optimal conditions are ensured for meetings and digital media is an integrated part of the design in the form of special display walls and interactive meeting rooms. An additional yet natural element is the use of sustainable materials and edible plants as part of the décor. Danielsen Urban Landscape made the interior landscape.


Frederiksholms kanal 30
Copenhagen K


2016 - 2018

Gross Floor Area
1.200 sqm