Danielsen Spaceplanning was asked to create a strong design concept for Clever’s office expansion, on the 4th floor of the existing adress at Støberigade in Copenhagen. Clever is a company which core competence is the leasing of electric cars and the construction of charging stations for them.

Starting out with the four company values: Optimistic – Forward – Intuitive – Human, we were given the brief to create a dynamic workspace with a variety of meeting spaces, alternative break out spaces, meditation pods, workshop- and co-working areas and a roof top terrace. The design concept was based on the word ”RECHARGE” where we created a ”forest” of curtain-pods centered in the workspace, giving all employers access to areas to ”recharge”. Using a monochrome colour palette ranging from dark to light green, the idea was to nudge behaviour from the dark green enclosed and silent meditation pods to the light green open and active café and bar area. The roof top terrace was designed as an extension to both café and work areas, with a wild green atmosphere filled with a variety of playful and work-friendly furniture.

We are pleased to present the successful outcome of Clever’s office expansion and happy to see that the space is used as intended.





Gross Floor Area