Enggården: Low scape hedger and Butterfly bush

Autumn cherry, low scape hedger, butterfly bush and Bleeding hearts, jointly creates a lush and varied courtyard, which lies as an extension of the commons that defines nature in the new residential area of ​​Køge Kyst. The private terraces are bordered by a broad lush belt that gives life and residence to butterflies, bees and other smaller insects. A varied flora ensures that there is something nice to look at most of the year, and at the same time, the private homes get a little more privacy from the common places of residence. A gathering of a centrally located area is the place for both stay, play and bicycle parking.To avoid hard paving’s and raw rows of bicycles, a roof of the tree crowns has been established, existing on Japanese cherry trees in a bed of narrow-leafed elephant grass, snowy woodrush and Japanese autumn fern.


Strandpromenaden 3-5
4600 Køge

Bonava Danmark A/S


Gross Floor Area
6.600 m2