SOPU Campus

Concept development for SOPU took place in cooperation with Danielsen Architecture and the SOSU administration, where we jointly identified their needs in interior design for the new campus. With analytical work and workshops, we formed an understanding of how the educational institution would best function and this resulted in a report inviting a new type of spaciousness. The rooms primarily serve to optimize teaching in practice. The idea of the fixed room has been cast aside to instead focus on the development of flexible rooms which can be designed according to didactic or social needs.

The school also functions as a cultural center, as the large atrium in the middle opens up the space and creates a vibrant room on the ground floor. This marketplace incites informal meetings but is also home to a library, an information post, a café, and a lounge. The ground floor is used in an extroverted manner and, with the large glass sections and many layers of movement, an animated and dynamic building is created. This gives rise to rooms which integrate SOPU’s users with the surroundings while also inciting and inspiring the use of the unique outdoor areas.

Educational institution

Copenhagen V



Gross Floor Area
9.700 m²

Site plan