Muuto HQ

Danielsen Spaceplanning has created a new design for Muuto’s 1400 m² HQ in the center of Copenhagen. The redesign was developed as a strong collaboration between Danielsen Spaceplanning and Muuto, and explores the blurring of lines between workplace and showroom.

Danielsen Spaceplanning has created something that serves as a functional workplace to the utmost degree for Muuto’s employees, while communicating the values and ideas of the Muuto universe throughout every single square meter.

During the design process we put a lot of emphasis on understanding the workflows of each team within Muuto. Some employees need the agility to move around easily, while other employees have a lot of collaboration sessions and others spend a lot of time by their desks. By creating different zones for the various departments, we have striven to foster a sense of belonging within each team.

Drawing on these findings, our design embraces Muuto’s different workflows and provides facilities that allow for a multitude of work modes throughout the day, while still acting as a flagship showroom for Muuto’s brand values and unique Scandinavian design.

Showroom & HQ

Østergade 36-38



Gross Floor Area
1400 m²